Effortless Monitoring Leads to Actual Progress

Be able to track and visualize progress at any time to maximize student results.


Tracking Data Can Be Super Easy

simplicity leads to consistency

Teachers can add progress updates in <30 secs

TARA comes with other built-in productivity tools to help lighten the teacher workload

Auto-generated graphs with recommended growth targets

Instant progress reports & automatic IEP team updates

Goal & Assessment Assistant Coming Soon!

Monitor and track progress

see the status of every iep goal in real-time

More responsive support starts with knowing what is going on in every classroom.

Simple data visualizations all from one dashboard

View student progress by teacher, goal type, school or cluster

Never lose track of student progress no matter where they go or which teacher is supporting them

Get the insights you need today

Cultivate skills, not compliance

Create & share shortcuts to every kind of resource

Grow TARA's built-in Resource Bank to include every strategy & template that works for your students

Assign tasks & share meeting protocols to establish accountability and consistency

Start strengthing your skills today

guaranteed same-day support

We believe in staying engaged with every user & partner, no matter how big or small

TARA is just a tool designed to make the lives of teachers easier - so they can be better for students

If your tools end up taking more time than they save, it's time to make a switch

Sign up for free today

We can help the average Special Education teacher save ~300 hours per year.

Your challenge isn't the work -
it's the workflow. We can help.


What Educators Are Saying

Interested in seeing data across all students or multiple schools?


Want more ideas for student engagement?
Here are 60 of them - free.

Quick to Reference

One strategy per page with bullet points & ideas for differentiation so you can find an idea and get back to it.

Easy to Implement

Each strategy comes with an explanation, tips for setup & multiple ideas for scaffolding in the classroom.

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