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Everyone needs to see how their students are progressing.

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We know how frustrating spreadsheets can be.

But how else can you keep students on track AND their families informed?

No one wants to deal with angry parents - or lawsuits.

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Why Thousands of Teachers Trust TARA

How It Works

4 Steps to See Student Growth


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Add / Import Student Goals

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Start Tracking Progress

Add notes, scores and student work.

Visualize Student Growth!

Enjoy auto-graphs, growth targets & reports.

Always be ready to share student progress.

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In today's world, no teacher can do it alone.

Become the calm & effective teacher you were always meant to be.

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Less Time on Tasks, More Energy for Teaching

Other burdens we relieve for you

be ready to advocate

Your built-in A.I. Assistant can draft goals:

Aligned to Learning Exceptionalities

Specific Sub-Domains


Levels of Student Support required

Includes recommendations for teaching strategies & data collection

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Be ready to plan

Your built-in A.I. Assistant shares:

Learning Objectives

Common Student Misconceptions

Engagement Strategies

Real-World Applications

Differentiation Strategies

And much's pretty incredible!

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be ready to Assess

Your built-in A.I. Assistant generates questions:

Multiple Choice


Free Response

Performance Tasks

Each one aligned to your standard & topic

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be ready to engage

Your built-in A.I. Assistant creates tasks that are:

Aligned to Standards

Specific to Learning Styles you Select

Aligned to IEP Goals & Exceptionalities

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Always Be Ready For Your Students & Families

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