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  • Plan, import & share curriculum
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  • It saves real teacher time
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TARA keeps you and your team organized throughout the school year from start to finish.

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TARA makes planning painless & integrates every lesson into your calendar.

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TARA curates 100s of strategies, best practices & downloadable templates for you.

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What Educators Are Saying About TARA

"The most teacher-friendly tool I've seen in my 14 years!"
Ms. Rocha
Teacher Leadership Development
Teach For America
"Stronger and more effective feedback to promote growth"
Ms. Cottman
Veteran Assistant Principal
School Leadership Coach
"Humongous bank of resources"
Mr. James
Assistant Principal
KIPP Soul Academy

"This is teaching made easy"

- Dr. Ford, Metro Atlanta Principal

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can TARA assist Special Educators?
Does TARA have single sign-on (SSO) options?
What comes in the "Resource Bank?"
Can I import curriculum that I have used before or that is provided by my school?
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