Arielle Peterson, Primary Hall Preparatory

Friday, May 27, 2022

This interview is a part of TARA's Visionary School Founder Series where we highlight the vision, innovation & strides that school founders have made in education.

Founding Principal: Arielle Peterson

School: Primary Hall Preparatory

Location: Buffalo, New York

Ms. Arielle Peterson is the Founder and Executive Director of Primary Hall Preparatory Charter School. Ms. Peterson imagined opening her own school since she was a child and was excited to make that dream a reality in Buffalo, New York. She firmly believes that “educators have the unique privilege of bridging the gap from students’ aspirations and potential to opportunity and achievement,” and she is determined to do just that for the students of Buffalo.

Primary Hall Preparatory is a public, tuition-free Charter School committed to setting students on the path to college beginning in kindergarten. The Primary Hall community believes in quality, inclusive, and personalized education that develops students into well-rounded leaders with a strong ethical compass. Interested in joining this incredible team of educators? Learn more and apply for a position today!

In 2021, Primary Hall opened its doors to students in Kindergarten and First Grade. Each year thereafter until 2026, the school will add a grade level growing to become a K-5 school, so that the inaugural students can continue their education through primary years. Looking to enroll your student?

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What is your unique approach to K-12 education? What makes your school different in terms of method?

“Primary Hall specializes in character education and individualized support for students. Each day our students engage in mindfulness and receive instruction in American Sign Language.”

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What lesson(s) have you learned from the founding process? Looking back, is there anything you would've done differently?

“We work by the motto, "Every day we lay the foundation," and it's true. Each day we are a step closer to fulfilling our school mission and vision. I am in awe of all that it took to open our doors and how an idea and a dream turned into a living, breathing (and expanding) school community. Founding is difficult, but the wins make even the hardest days worth it. Looking back, I would revel in the wins more. Our school will never be at this stage again.”

Why would a teacher want to work at your charter school vs others? What types of support will you provide teachers to cultivate a position culture?

“Primary Hall offers a small school environment within a close-knit community. There is always someone that is willing to extend a helping hand whenever needed. There are ample opportunities for growth within our organization, and we believe in doing what is best for student learning. Teachers have the opportunity to truly tailor instruction to meet student need and each of our classrooms are co-taught. We value teachers' voices and there are a variety of ways that teachers can share feedback.”

Interested in joining this talented team of educators? Learn more & apply for a position today.

What is your / your school's biggest need today?

“Primary Hall is in its founding stages, we value the connections that we have with others in the work! We always need more mission-driven and committed individuals to join us, collaborate on resources and best practices, and more people learn about our school community.”

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