Interview Questions for Instructional Coaches

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Preparing for interviews can be nerve-wracking. Now more than ever, schools are in need of instructional coaches, which are professionals that ultimately keep a school and their teachers and students on track. Are you an instructional coach wondering how to land that job you just applied to? Interviews are usually structured depending on what they need to find out to make sure a candidate is fit for the position. So an interview catered for an instructional coach can be much different from a standard job interview.

If you want to be prepared for that interview, here are some of the top questions found used when interviewing instructional coaches.

Why Did You Want to Become an Instructional Coach?

This is the opportunity to show that you know exactly what it takes to be an instructional coach and what part it takes in the education system. The job obviously requires being around teachers and students, so you might have to be able to sympathize with their struggles and talk about your passion in giving better education. 

What Impact Does Data Have on Your Role

Testing random techniques is not the proper way to do the job. It isn’t efficient to use methodologies that have no data to back up the effectiveness of its use. As an instructional coach, you should be confident in talking about how you will measure student progress and be able to use it to better direct teachers to effectively teach.

Tell Us About Yourself

You should already know what the job description is as an instructional coach. Use that knowledge to your advantage and give your interviewers all the key qualities an instructional coach should have. You want to boast about your skills and relate your information to give them a better idea of how you will do with the job.

What Do You Envision for this Role?

Interviewers will always want to know how prepared you are for the job. Not only are they wanting you to be ambitious in your goals or student-oriented with it, they want to hear how you are going to prepare in order to achieve those visions. 

Pushback from Teachers is Inevitable, How Might You Handle It?

This might be a rhetorical question, but most of the time, the interviewer will ask for a past scenario that has already happened to you. Be prepared with an example or maybe a few so you won’t struggle with the question. It could be from any experience as long as you explain it well and how you could apply it to this role. You just want to make sure you explain a scenario that ended with good results.

What Experiences Do You Have that Make You Fit for the Role?

You can utilize almost any work experience, but it’s best to give one that’s relatable like working in a setting that involves children. Or you could even use what experiences you have and utilize scenarios that have to do with observing other workers and giving them helpful instruction to efficiently approach a task. That’s a great way to show how well you would be as a supporting role in the school.

How Will You Build a Relationship with Teachers?

As an instructional coach, building relationships with teachers can be difficult because they’ll see you as just judgment. Not everyone is fond of being told how to do something they’re already good at. You can talk about similar situations where you had to gain trust and show that you only have the best intentions. Interviewers will be looking for a team player, so getting along with your staff is important. 


Strategizing and preparing for possible questions before heading into an interview is going to give you the best chance in landing the job. The biggest point to all of these questions is to find out whether or not you fully know what is required of the job and how important you see it to be. These questions may not all be asked, so it’d be good to head onto Google and search up other questions that could be brought up. 

Applying for jobs can be stressful. Stay prepared by also optimizing your resume!

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