Kolt Bloxson, Miles Ahead Charter School

Thursday, May 12, 2022

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Founding Principal: Kolt Bloxson

School: Miles Ahead Charter School

Location: Powder Springs, GA


Kolt Bloxson is the founding principal of Miles Ahead Charter School. She believes that "we are dedicated to providing an education that allows students to reach their full potential, apply their education to improve their local and global communities, and prepare them to be miles ahead of what they ever thought possible.”

Miles Ahead Charter School is a tuition-free, public K-3 charter school petitioning to open in Fall 2022 for all students in Georgia while being located in the South Cobb County area. The school’s mission is to provide all students with the social & academic achievements necessary to help them realize their potential for local impact and global change.

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What is your unique approach to K-12 education? What makes your school different in terms of method?

“I fully believe that school should be a place that prioritizes the health and wellness of children first. This means that we educate our students about themselves and then the world.”

What lesson(s) have you learned from the founding process? Looking back, is there anything you would've done differently?

“Wow - so many lessons learned, but mostly I have truly enjoyed learning about how school districts operate from the Superintendent's perspective. The law, the requirements, the steps, the organizations...the entire ebb and flow of school operations has been so eye-opening for me. The little girl who has always loved school got a great two-year behind the scene tutorial on how to make it all work. I wouldn't do anything different except just try to give myself as much time as possible, but I don't know if there is such a thing!”

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Why would a teacher want to work at your charter school vs others? What types of support will you provide teachers to cultivate a position culture?

“We are a school for students founded by committed educators. More than 50 teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators helped design the master schedule, select the curriculum, establish policies and write our handbooks. This gives us great pride in that we are literally designed by educators and for the long-term sustainability of teachers in education. We were able to design Deeper Learning Frameworks that ensure more than 2 hours of literacy a day, Power Hour for individualized instruction, full Expedition Days for our students which result in a full day of planning for our teachers, Co-Teacher support structures, and so much more. As we scale, we will continue to elevate the voices of our teachers in this design and remodel as we think about their needs and the needs of students.”

What is your / your school's biggest need today?

“I would say that right now spreading the word about Miles Ahead is a huge help for us. The more people who know about us means that we can advance our mission to a greater number of students and families. As word spreads, we can continue to recruit students, expand our network to support families, increase our donor and funder base, and continue to recruit and retain dedicated educators.”

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