TARA Joins Tech Stars' Class of 2023

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

TARA was created as a solution for teacher burnout. All across the United States, the means of teacher retention in schools have been deteriorating. The workload has always been heavy for educators even when others have failed to recognize it. 

Teachers join the field with compassion for students and every day strive to help mold and shape them to be the leaders of tomorrow.  In order for students to win, TARA believes that teachers should be prioritized first by streamlining lesson planning, coaching and collaboration all in one platform for K-12 schools. 

Techstars Impact Powered by Cox Enterprises, released on January 9th, 2023, that TARA has rightfully earned a spot in their class of 2023. Techstars recognized the need to assist the education community and has high hopes that TARA will succeed in aiding in the prevention of teacher burnout and therefore increasing the rate of teacher retention. 

Techstars’ program led by Tim Dorr (managing director of Techstars Atlanta) is a three-months long program that provides hands-on mentoring, funding, and global connections to 10 for-profit, mission-driven companies. TARA, along with 9 other companies, were chosen to receive strategic mentorship from Cox business leaders and experts.

From hundreds of applicants, these 10 companies were chosen and believed to be a diverse set of founders who could be solving some of the world's biggest social and environmental issues.

The companies will work to prepare and grow so that they may pitch their ideas as a Demo Day presentation on April 13, 2023.

"For my first class of Techstars Impact as managing director, I wanted to bring together a wide range of companies focused on making a positive impact on underrepresented groups, underserved communities, and environmental sustainability,"  — Tim Dorr, managing director of both Techstars Impact and Techstars Atlanta. Dorr, co-founder of SalesLoft (Techstars Boulder 2012)

The 2023 Techstars Impact Powered by Cox Enterprises Class includes:

  • Accelerated Equity Insights: Providing equitable communication and management practices for college admissions offices seeking diverse students.
  • Branch Politics: A free, nonpartisan tool for voters in federal, state, and local elections that breaks down what is on their ballot and why it matters.
  • ECGO: An app for organizations that have a recycling contamination problem, allowing their users to know the recyclability of materials with a single picture.
  • Good Agriculture: Supporting regenerative farmers with business services so they can produce food that regenerates ecosystems and nourishes people.
  • HumanKind Homes: Building affordable, healthy and sustainable homes and buildings with blocks made of sustainable geopolymer concrete.
  • Rif Care: A first-of-its-kind period brand that uses products made of regenerative materials to reduce the carbon footprint of period products.
  • Stratos: An enterprise human resources software solution that connects companies to Black and Latinx professionals
  • TARA: Streamlining planning, coaching and collaboration in one platform for K-12 schools struggling to retain teachers due to burnout.
  • The LO: An online platform to create a more connected community for queer women.
  • xHood: A safe space for Black and queer parents to create connections and build support systems for themselves and their families.

Visit https://www.techstars.com/accelerators/impact-cox to learn more about Techstars Atlanta and what they do.

Or follow them on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/techstars-impact/

Want to Read the Full Press Release? Click Here.

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