of teachers report receiving any recognition in the last 7 days.


of teachers believe they should have considerable input in school decision-making.


of teachers joined teaching because  they had a desire to make a difference.

(ATL / The Guardian)

of teachers did not receive feedback on how to improve during their last evaluation.


The Four Teacher Support Languages

Bridge the divide between teachers & leaders

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Frequently Asked Questions - TSL Quiz

How is this different from StrengthsFinder, Meyers-Briggs, or other “personality” tests?
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The #1 reason teachers leave?
Lack of support

It has been a tough couple of years - we all know that. But the truth is, being an educator was already extremely challenging before COVID changed our world.

We created the Teacher Support Languages Quiz to demonstrate that when new tools are truly teacher-driven, they can help lead to real breakthroughs in how our school teams work together.

Let's make sure your teachers are getting the support they want.