About Us

Now is the time to put teachers first.

Teachers are one of only a handful of universal roles in our communities - they exist in every society, everywhere- always have and always will.

But the teaching profession is in trouble. Years of being overworked, underappreciated, and underpaid have finally created a real crisis (or at least one that the general public is finally starting to take notice of).

As former educators ourselves, we know firsthand how physically and emotionally tough teaching can be, especially when you are not being valued along the way. But we also know that no one is coming to save us.

We are building TARA to be the ideal teaching assistant - one that anticipates a teacher's needs while keeping them organized and energized.

Our hope is that we can eliminate the day-to-day grind of teaching, leaving every educator with what they love most - students and learning.

"The average teacher does 500+ hours of work outside of the classroom - in any other profession, that would be enough to warrant having an assistant - but not in education unfortunately. So we decided to build one ourselves."
- Ian Cohen, Founder of TARA


Of teachers considered changing jobs in in the last month
(Teachers Pay Teachers)


Of teachers considered leaving the profession entirely in the last month
(K-12 Dive)


Of teachers report taking work home due to lack of time in their workday.
(K-12 Dive)


Projected shortfall of the # of teachers needed in the US by 2025
(Economic Policy Institute)

Our Mission
To put teachers at the center of education's tech-fueled future in a rapidly changing world.

Our Core Values

Teachers Come First

Because the future of education depends on them.

Bolder Is Always Better

Because playing it safe never leads to breakthroughs.

Simplicity Is The Point

Because the best solutions streamline chaos into a flow.

Go The Xtra Mile

Because we know teachers always do.

Without teachers, a school is just a building.

By putting your teachers first, you will stop surviving and start thriving.

Save Time
Save Money
Save Your Teachers

Because when teachers come first, students win...and teachers stay.