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"A one-stop shop for lesson planning and observations."
Ms. Burney
Teacher Leadership Development
Teach For America
"Stronger and more effective feedback to promote growth"
Ms. Cottman
Veteran Assistant Principal
School Leadership Coach
"Humongous bank of resources"
Mr. James
Assistant Principal
KIPP Soul Academy

"This is teaching made easy"

- Dr. Ford, Metro Atlanta Principal
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does TARA have single sign-on (SSO) options?
What comes in the Strategy & Resource Bank?
Can I try TARA SPED for free?
If my school provides curriculum (e.g. Eureka Math, EL Education, etc), can I import it into TARA?
Can my department purchase TARA SPED HQ for all of us?
Can I export progress reports for my students?
Wait, so I can look up and access each student's IEP, goals & objectives from the same screen I am lesson planning in?!

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