Most teachers are just surviving.

Effective coaching is what prevents burnout & gets them to thriving.
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The cost of teacher burnout is real.

The majority of a school budget is spent on teacher-related investments - salaries, coaching, supplies, PD.

And when a teacher leaves, all of those investments go to zero.

Then you have to cover classes, find candidates, run an interview process - and keep running your school - all at the same time.

What can you do to be proactive?

Learn what works for your teachers.

What is a Support Language?

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Using this free quiz, you can learn how each staff person on your team or in your building prefers to receive support:

Do they prefer a dialogue?
Do they need recognition?
Do they want opportunities for growth?

Take the quiz yourself and see what you get!

Want to give the quiz to your team?
We provide a custom link and summary report for free :)
What's Next?
Your School HQ

The simplest platform to keep teachers & coaches aligned, supported & accountable.

Curriculum Planning
Observations & Evaluations
Strategy Bank & Task Manager

Find, Review & Comment on Lesson Plans

Streamlined in One Tab

Support Teachers With Quick, More Consistent Feedback

Import, Organize & Internalize Curriculum

TARA can import any document, PDF, or PowerPoint, allowing you and your team to:

  • Share and re-use past lessons & units from staff

  • Internalize lessons using custom protocols

  • Build scope & sequences with purchased content from outside providers or using TARA's curated library of open-source materials

Sign up for a 30-minute, no commitments chat with one of our former teachers and we can show you how it works!

Track Observations, Evaluations & Meetings

Organized in One Tab

Support Coaches With Auto-Generated Data Trends

Customize Protocols & Rubrics

Ensure coaches and administrators are on the same page with observation protocols and evaluation rubrics tailored to your team's priorities.

We know every school is different so we've made it easy to configure TARA to match your needs.

Whether you are shifting priorities each semester or simply want to use the same rubric as your district or state, we've got you covered.

Strategies, Resources & Team Tasks

Centralized in One Tab

The HQ is your new homepage at work - designed for educators.

Engagement Strategies & Downloadable Templates Built-In

Every TARA educator gets direct access to the Resource Bank in their HQ that comes complete with 100s of curated templates, strategies, articles, and more.

And because TARA makes it easy to store & share everything - documents, websites, PDFs, slides - your staff can immediately add to it to make it their own.

As a TARA Partner, we can help pre-load your library so your teachers see everything they need on Day 1 of pre-planning.

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NEW: TARA now offers Special Education progress monitoring tools!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What comes in the "curated resource bank?"
What do you mean by "curated open-source curriculum?"
If we purchase curriculum (e.g. Eureka Math, EL Education, etc) for some of our teachers, can it be incorporated into TARA too?
Can we use TARA for our teacher evaluations?
Does TARA work well with teacher preparation programs?
Does TARA work with charter networks and/or districts?
By putting your teachers first, you will stop only surviving - and start thriving.

Save Time
Save Money
Save Your Teachers

Because when teachers come first, students win...and teachers stay.